AI-Enhanced Leadership: Fusing Mental Health, DEEI, and Cultural Consciousness for Inclusive Growth

Innovative Leadership: Merging AI, Mental Health Insight, and DEEI for a Diverse Future

Delve into our culturally conscious methodology's at Bempong Talking Therapy, where AI-enhanced care champions the well-being of all communities, with a keen focus on Black and minority groups in the corporate realm. Merging diversity, equality, equity and inclusion DEEI, cultural intelligence, and intersectionality, we offer bespoke solutions that foster mental health and well-being in diverse workplaces. Our approach, celebrated with accolades like the London Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) Business Person of the Year, ensures a comprehensive, inclusive experience.

Revolutionising Corporate Cultural Consciousness with AI-Enhanced Mental Health Solutions

Cultivating Cultural Consciousness: Pioneering AI-Powered Mental Health Transformation

Explore the enriched world of Bempong Talking Therapy, where our award-winning, AI-enhanced approach brings culturally conscious therapy to the forefront. Specialising in the wellbeing of diverse communities, particularly Black and minority groups in the corporate sector, we integrate diversity, equality, equity and inclusion (DEEI), cultural intelligence, and intersectionality to craft tailored, inclusive solutions. Our methods, recognised with accolades like the LCCI Business Person of the Year, are designed to nurture cultural consciousness and ensure a comprehensive experience for every individual in diverse workplace environments.

About Us: Pioneering a Culturally Conscious Future in Mental Health

Bempong Talking Therapy, helmed by Jarell Bempong, is at the vanguard of corporate mental wellness, ingeniously melding AI with deep cultural empathy to tailor bespoke mental health solutions.

Corporate Sector:

Catering to diversity leaders and HR in tech firms, we focus on DEEI integration and creating culturally aware work environments.

Our partnership offers culturally sensitive mental health support enhancements.

Individual Growth:

We support individuals with intersectional identities through culturally nuanced therapy.

Ideal for those valuing personal development within a cultural context.


Aiding leaders in adopting empathetic, culturally informed style. For visionaries championing mentally healthy, inclusive workplaces. Rooted in 'Cultural Consciousness', our approach emphasizes appreciating diverse cultural backgrounds, augmented by our pioneering AI technology, positioning Bempong Talking Therapy as a frontrunner in enhancing corporate mental health and cultural intelligence.

Corporate Services Overview

Fostering Excellence: A Comprehensive Overview of Corporate Services

At the heart of our mission lies a trio of cutting-edge services designed to revolutionise corporate wellness and inclusivity. Each service supports our comprehensive approach to fostering healthier, more resilient workplace environments. Dive into our specialised offerings:


AI-Enhanced Therapy Solutions

Pioneering and innovating AI-Enhanced Therapy Solutions offer personalised culturally conscious mental health support tailored to the unique needs of your team. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and empathetic care, we provide insights and interventions that are both innovative and deeply human.


Bespoke Corporate


Our bespoke Corporate Training Programs are crafted to nurture leadership, enhance team cohesion, and promote mental well-being at all organisational levels. From cultural consciousness and intelligence workshops to conflict management and anti-racism seminars, we empower your team with the tools for sustainable success.


Interactive Workshops & Training

Our bespoke Training Programs, designed with your specific goals in mind, enhance leadership skills and allyship, promote mental health, and deepen understanding of DEEI and intersectionality. We address anti-racism, cultural consciousness, and effective communication as distinct modules, supported by AI-enhanced tools for optimal personalisation and effectiveness.

A Milestone of Distinction: Celebrating Our Founder's Triumph

Celebrating Excellence: A Triple Triumph at the LCCI SME Awards 2024

A Beacon of Leadership: Zipcar Businessperson of the Year

  • SSE Energy Solutions Best New Business
  • City of London Chamber Award
  • Zipcar Businessperson of the Year

We are overjoyed to share a monumental achievement in our journey towards transforming mental health care. Our founder, Jarell Bempong, has been honoured with the prestigious Zipcar Businessperson of the Year award at the LCCI SME Awards 2024. This accolade shines a spotlight on Jarell's visionary leadership and unwavering dedication to fostering an inclusive, equitable environment in mental health services.

"Securing the title of Best Business Person of the Year is not just an accolade; it's a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation." - Jarell Bempong

Client Testimonials: Real Stories of Transformation and Growth

Hear how Bempong Talking Therapy's culturally attuned and AI-enhanced approaches have profoundly impacted Workplaces.

"Jarell led a deeply engaging and enlightening conversation for the U.K. ICF Chapter on 'cultural consciousness in coaching', shedding light on the significance of cultural relativism, intersectionality, and culturally sensitive strategies for coaches. His delivery was marked by exceptional clarity, profound knowledge, and the art of meaningful storytelling. A truly educative session that left us all enriched – a heartfelt thank you from the U.K. ICF."

Henriane Mourgue d'Algue

Associate Board Member, Inclusion and Belonging


"Jarell was a stellar guest speaker at ENEI, captivating our audience with a virtual discussion on Black men's workplace experiences. His blend of personal and professional insights illuminated his role as a Culturally Conscious Catalyst. Jarell's passionate and engaging delivery, underpinned by extensive knowledge, provided practical and comprehensive understanding, earning overwhelming positive feedback from our member organisations."

Hugh O'Keeffe's

Diversity & Inclusion Lead

Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (enei)

"Jarell's dynamic and engaging presentation on cultural consciousness left a lasting impact on our company. His practical examples and personal experiences sparked lively discussions, even drawing in our typically quieter team members. Jarell created a safe space for all voices, leading to resonating thoughts across the team. His words continue to inspire us, often quoted by senior members. A heartfelt thank you to Jarell for his transformative contribution."
Sara Simpson​
HR Manager
Hallgarten & Novum Wines

"Working with Jarell Bempong is an enlightening and engaging experience. His deep understanding of cultural consciousness and mental health enriches discussions on workplace wellbeing. Jarell's dedication to promoting an intersectional lens in corporate settings shines through in his articulate and compelling communication style. His contributions are invaluable in fostering a more inclusive and empathetic approach to mental health in the workplace."

Erica (Tomlin) Birtles
Interim CEO
Universal Workforce Institute (UWI)

Culturally Conscious

Therapy & Coaching

Unlock personal and professional potential with our bespoke therapy and coaching, designed for individuals and employees, embracing the richness of cultural diversity.

Enhanced Well-being: Promoting mental health and a sense of belonging to support overall well-being.

AI-Enhanced Insights: Leveraging technology to understand and personalise therapy, enriching experiences for individuals and employees alike.

Empowerment Through Free Resources

Unlock a wealth of knowledge and insights with our complimentary resources, meticulously crafted to enhance your journey in cultural consciousness and mental well-being. Dive into these valuable tools:

Scorecard: Assess your wellbeing

Discover a deeper understanding of your mental health with our interactive scorecard. It's a simple yet powerful tool to gauge your well-being, offering immediate, personalised insights.•

Webinar : Join our upcoming webinar series

Please register for our enlightening webinar and explore the multifaceted world of cultural consciousness. Engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain practical strategies to navigate cultural complexities in your personal and professional life.

Book: Explore Insights from My Bestselling Book

Delve into the transformative ideas in my bestselling book, “White Talking Therapy Can’t Think in Black! – A Journey Through Systemic Biases Towards Inclusion and Mental Health Empowerment.” a guide that challenges traditional perspectives and offers a fresh outlook on cultural consciousness in mental health.

Podcast: Culturally conscious chats

Coming soon! Dive into engaging, real-world discussions on mental health and cultural intelligence. Our podcast features experts and everyday voices in lively, insightful conversations. Get ready for an educational and authentic experience.

Jarell Bempong

Pioneering Empathy and Intelligence in Mental Health

At Bempong Talking Therapy, led by Jarell Bempong, we're dedicated to integrating DEEI principles into corporate mental health with our AI-enhanced solutions. Drawing from my background as an English Ghanaian, gay, and dyslexic, we foster inclusivity and understanding.

My mission and innovative business model at Bempong Talking Therapy, beyond the success of my best-selling book "White Talking Therapy Can’t Think in Black!" have earned us three prestigious LCCI SME Awards 2024 nominations: SSE Energy Solutions Best New Business, City of London Chamber Award, and Zipcar Businessperson of the Year. This recognition underscores our dedication to fostering empathy and cultural intelligence within public and corporate environments.

Join our mission to transform workplace environments. Discover how we can collaborate to promote mental well-being and celebrate diversity in your organisation.


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