Cultivating Transformative Excellence: Embrace Mental

Well-being and Inclusion

Elevate Your Workplace with Bempong Talking Therapy

Welcome to Bempong Talking Therapy, where we aim to reshape the workplace mental health landscape. Our passion lies in creating inclusive and thriving work environments that empower individuals and organisations to unlock their true potential. Through thoughtfully crafted coaching programs, interactive workshops, and comprehensive support services, we provide the tools and insights to foster mental health, diversity, equality, and inclusion like never before.

Moments of Insight and Empowerment

Ignite Conversations, Spark Transformative Change

At Bempong Talking Therapy, we’re driven by the belief that meaningful conversations spark transformative change within organisations. Our interactive workshops and training programs are designed to empower individuals to develop empathy, cultural consciousness, and a profound understanding of diverse perspectives. Going beyond superficial solutions, we delve into the intricate dynamics of mental health, diversity, and inclusion. This empowers organisations to foster inclusive cultures, mitigate bias, and nurture a strong sense of belonging.

Unlocking Growth and Transformation through D&I and Cultural Consciousness Training

Tailored Training for Unparalleled Excellence

My approach goes beyond the surface. With a personal history at the crossroads of marginalisation—being black, gay, and dyslexic—I delve into the complexities of racism, homophobia, ableism, and more. This unique perspective empowers me to create authentic, transformative experiences addressing the specific needs and challenges of individuals and organisations pursuing diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Crafting Tailored Excellence

Much like a meticulously tailored Savile Row suit, my training and coaching programs are customised thoughtfully to each client’s requirements and aspirations. I recognise that authentic transformation demands a personalised approach, considering every organisation’s nuanced characteristics. By partnering closely with my clients, I ensure our content and strategies seamlessly align with their industry context, resulting in an unforgettable tapestry of quality and efficacy.

A Strategic Investment in Organizational Success

When you partner with Bempong Talking Therapy, you strategically invest in your organisation’s prosperity. Our proactive mental health support services boast a proven track record of enhancing productivity, reducing turnover, and delivering substantial cost savings. By prioritising mental health and diversity initiatives, we assist in fostering an inclusive work environment that attracts top talent, encourages innovation, and drives bottom-line results. Our bespoke coaching programs, workshops, and support services offer the guidance necessary for your organisation to thrive amidst a diverse and ever-evolving landscape.

Invest in Your Organisation’s Success Today

Are you ready to make a strategic investment in your organisation’s success? Contact Bempong Talking Therapy today to explore our tailored coaching programs, workshops, and support services.

Elevate Productivity and Success with Proactive Mental Health Support

Our proactive mental health support increases employee productivity by 10-25%. We address mental health challenges and promote resilience, empowering your workforce to excel and achieve exceptional business outcomes.

Reduce Turnover and Amplify Employee Retention

You can reduce turnover rates and related costs by fostering an inclusive work environment and prioritising employee well-being. Our focus on building a supportive culture enhances employee satisfaction, loyalty, & commitment.

Realise Cost Savings through Mental Well-being Initiatives

Investing in mental well-being yields an average return of £5 for every £1 spent. By promoting mental health, we decrease costs related to absenteeism, presenteeism, and healthcare expenses. Prioritising mental well-being results in substantial cost savings and improved organisational performance.

Enhance Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance

Inclusive organisations are 1.7 times more likely to be innovative and experience higher cash flow per employee. Partnering with us amplifies employee engagement, collaboration, and creativity. We foster a diversity, equality, and inclusion culture, empowering your employees to thrive.

Unleash Your Organization’s Potential Today

The time is now to make a lasting impact, to forge a corporate space that radiates vibrancy, embraces inclusivity, and unleashes your people’s limitless potential. Contact me, and together, let’s explore how Bempong Talking Therapy can tailor our services to perfectly align with your organisation’s distinct needs.


Building a More Inclusive Workplace: Embrace the Power of Diversity & Inclusion

Breaking Barriers: Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month and Shattering Stigmas Around Black Mental Health Explore the intersection of black history and mental health, celebrating the resilience and strength of the black community. This session offers valuable insights into the origins of mental health disparities for Black people in the UK. It equips you with tools to foster a positive, inclusive, and productive work environment. Join us in October to make a transformative impact during Black History Month.

Embracing Pride: Celebrating LGBTQI+ Diversity

Celebrating LGBTQI+ Diversity and Nurturing Mental Health Equality Discover our ground-breaking training program, “Fostering Inclusivity: LGBTQI+ Cultural Competence in Mental Health Care,” merging Diversity and inclusion with Mental Health. Empower mental health professionals to support Black British LGBTQI+ employees’ unique needs. Join us in Pride Month to cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that celebrates diversity, fosters growth, and nurtures mental well-being. Contact us today to unlock your organisation’s potential through our pioneering approach.

Elevate Your Workplace with Culturally Conscious Corporate Services

Unlock your organisation’s potential through our impactful corporate services that blend mental health, diversity, equality, and inclusion. Our engaging workshops address critical themes from my book, “White Talking Therapy Can’t Think in Black! A Journey Through Systemic Biases to Inclusivity and Mental Health Empowerment,” and provide actionable insights to create a culturally conscious workplace that supports employee well-being.

Mental Health Matters: Cultivating Cultural Consciousness in the Workplace

Delve into promoting mental wellness and nurturing a culturally conscious environment prioritising employees’ mental health needs. Explore strategies for navigating the intersection of mental health and cultural consciousness within the workplace, fostering an inclusive, empathetic, and mentally healthy culture.

Anti-Racism and Mental Health: Exploring the Intersection with Cultural Consciousness

Uncover connections between anti-racism work and mental health, learning how fostering cultural consciousness positively impacts well-being. Gain insights and strategies for cultivating a culturally familiar environment that supports mental health and well-being for all employees.

Unconscious Bias and Mental Health: Developing Cultural Consciousness for Inclusivity

Discover practical strategies to create a culturally conscious workplace that addresses unconscious bias and prioritises mental health needs. Overcome biases, foster inclusivity, and promote empathy and mental wellness for all team members.

Inclusive Leadership and Mental Health: Building Cultural Consciousness for Effective Leadership

Learn strategies to build a culturally conscious leadership style that fosters inclusivity, empathy, and mental wellness. Develop a supportive team culture that enhances productivity, innovation, and employee well-being.

Intersectionality of Marginalisation: Cultivating Cultural Consciousness for Mental Health and Inclusion

Explore the challenges faced by individuals from marginalised groups and learn to create an empathetic, inclusive, and culturally conscious workplace. Develop strategies for building an equitable culture that promotes mental wellness and belonging for all employees.


What types of corporate services do you offer?

We offer a range of corporate services including keynote speaking, interactive workshops, training sessions, panel discussions, and coaching programmes. Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of organisations seeking to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion, enhance cultural consciousness, and foster a positive work environment.

How can your services benefit my organisation?

Our services can benefit your organisation in various ways. They help create a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture, improve employee engagement and productivity, enhance team communication and collaboration, and promote a greater understanding of cultural differences. By investing in our services, you can cultivate a more positive and harmonious work environment while driving meaningful change within your organisation.

Are your services suitable for organisations of all sizes?

Absolutely! We cater to organisations of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large corporations. Our services are designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that they can be customised to meet your organisation’s unique needs and goals, regardless of size.

How long are your corporate workshops and training sessions?

The duration of our workshops and training sessions can vary based on your specific requirements. We offer flexibility in session lengths, ranging from half-day workshops to multi-day training programmes. The duration will be determined through discussions and assessments to ensure that the content and format align with your goals and desired outcomes.

Can you customise your services to align with our organisation’s values and goals?

Absolutely! We understand that each organisation has its values, goals, and specific focus areas. Our team is experienced in customising our services to meet your organisation’s unique needs and objectives. We gather key information through initial consultations and assessments to tailor our approach, content, and delivery to ensure maximum relevance and impact.

How do we get started with your corporate services?

Getting started is simple. Get in touch with us through our website or contact us directly to discuss your organisation’s needs and goals. We’ll schedule an initial consultation to better understand your requirements. From there, we can work together to design a tailored programme or select from our existing offerings to meet your organisation’s needs.

Can you provide references or case studies of your past corporate clients?

Absolutely! We would be happy to provide references or share case studies highlighting the successful outcomes of our corporate services. Please have a look at the bottom of this page and you will find relevant information and testimonials.

How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy for our organisation?

We take confidentiality and privacy seriously. We adhere to strict professional standards and ethical guidelines to ensure the confidentiality of all information shared during our engagements. We are committed to maintaining the privacy and trust of our clients, and we prioritise the security of all sensitive data or discussions transmitted during our corporate services.


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