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Transforming mental health through cultural understanding and innovative AI solutions.

Welcome to Bempong Talking Therapy

We offer culturally-conscious expertise and personalized AI tools to empower lasting change. Explore our innovative solutions for individuals and organisations seeking a more inclusive approach to mental well-being.

Personalised Approach

Our culturally-conscious therapists deeply understand how diverse backgrounds shape mental health experiences. With empathy and expertise, we create personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs.

AI-Driven Insights

Leveraging the power of AI, our proprietary tools analyse data to provide targeted insights, enhancing our understanding of your challenges and optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

Inclusive Community

We foster a supportive, judgment-free environment where individuals from all walks of life feel seen, heard, and respected on their journeys to mental wellness.

Discover Our Best-Selling Book

"White Talking Therapy Can't Think in Black! - A Journey through Systemic Biases towards Inclusion and Mental Health Empowerment."

Join award-nominated author, therapist, and cultural innovator Jarell Bempong on a profound journey through the intricacies of systemic biases in mental health. This pivotal book offers not just insights but practical solutions for fostering inclusion and empowering individuals within various sectors of society.

Why This Book Is Essential:

  • Deep Insights: Merging personal experiences with professional expertise, Jarell provides actionable strategies for overcoming systemic biases and achieving mental health empowerment.

  • Innovative Frameworks: Introducing pioneering models for integrating cultural consciousness in therapeutic and coaching practices.

  • Inclusive Empowerment: Learn key techniques to create harmonious environments in both personal and professional spheres.

Whether you are a mental health professional looking to expand your toolkit or someone interested in the impact of culture on mental health, this book offers valuable insights that will change the way you think about therapy and wellness.

Innovative Solutions for Lasting Change

Individual Therapy

Through personalized one-on-one sessions, our culturally competent therapists guide you in exploring your unique experiences, challenges, and strengths. Together, we develop tailored strategies for achieving mental wellness and personal growth.

Corporate Training

We offer comprehensive corporate training programs designed to cultivate inclusive, psychologically safe work environments. Our data-driven approaches foster empathy, communication, and a deep understanding of cultural nuances, ultimately driving success through a diverse, engaged workforce.

Discover Hidden Patterns

Our cutting-edge AI technology provides real-time analysis and insights, enabling our therapists to deliver more effective, targeted interventions. From mood tracking to personalised coping strategies, our AI-assisted tools empower you to take control of your mental well-being.

Testimonials: Real Stories of Transformation

"Jarell led a deeply engaging and enlightening conversation for the U.K. ICF Chapter on 'cultural consciousness in coaching', shedding light on the significance of cultural relativism, intersectionality, and culturally sensitive strategies for coaches. His delivery was marked by exceptional clarity, profound knowledge, and the art of meaningful storytelling. A truly educative session that left us all enriched—a heartfelt thank you from the U.K. ICF."

Henriane Mourgue d'Algue

Associate Board Member, Inclusion and Belonging UK ICF

"Jarell was a stellar guest speaker at ENEI, captivating our audience with a virtual discussion on Black men's workplace experiences. His blend of personal and professional insights illuminated his role as a Culturally Conscious Catalyst. Jarell's passionate and engaging delivery, underpinned by extensive knowledge, provided practical and comprehensive understanding, earning overwhelming positive feedback from our member organisations."

Hugh O'Keefe

Diversity & Inclusion Lead

Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion (ENEI)

"Jarell has been incredibly generous with his time, joining me on the 'Let's Talk Universal' podcast and as a panellist in the UWI's latest 'How do organisations make neurodiversity hiring work?' webinar.

Jarell's background in psychotherapy and cultural consciousness is a powerhouse mix, bringing insights from his own personal experience and also from his professional and academic background"...

Erica Birtles

Interim CEO of The UWI | Founder of The Book-Tribe

"Jarell's dynamic and engaging presentation on cultural consciousness left a lasting impact on our company. His practical examples and personal experiences sparked lively discussions, even drawing in our typically quieter team members. Jarell created a safe space for all voices, leading to resonating thoughts across the team. His words continue to inspire us, often quoted by senior members. A heartfelt thank you to Jarell for his transformative contribution."
Sara Simpson​
HR Manager
Hallgarten & Novum Wines

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jarell for his outstanding contributions and insights in the field of mental well-being and AI innovation. During our collaboration on the 'Bridging Minds' project, Jarell demonstrated exceptional expertise and enthusiasm for exploring the intersection of AI and mental health. His keen insights and thoughtful contributions significantly enriched our discussions, offering valuable perspectives that resonated deeply with our audience.

Stine Wincesten
Business Development & Communications Manager

The Power of Cultural Understanding

Cultural Consciousness, Evidence-Based Practices, AI-Driven Innovation, Inclusive Support

Bridging Gaps

At Bempong Talking Therapy, we understand that mental health experiences are deeply rooted in cultural contexts. Our therapists are trained to navigate the nuances of diverse backgrounds, bridging gaps in understanding and creating a safe space for open and honest dialogue.

Empowering Voices

We believe that every individual deserves to have their voice heard and their experiences validated. By actively listening and empowering diverse perspectives, we foster an environment of mutual respect and understanding, paving the way for true healing and growth.

Inclusive Solutions

Our innovative solutions are designed with inclusivity at their core. We recognize that mental health challenges can manifest differently across cultures, and our approach is tailored to address these nuances, ensuring that our interventions are effective and relevant for all.

Partners & Clients

Award-Winning Excellence

Culturally Conscious Therapy

Recognised as a pioneering force in culturally conscious therapy, our innovative approaches have garnered multiple industry awards for their efficacy and impact.

AI-Driven Innovation

Our proprietary AI technology, designed to enhance therapeutic outcomes, has been lauded as a ground breaking advancement in mental health care.

Inclusive Workplace Culture

Our corporate training programs have received widespread acclaim for fostering inclusive, psychologically safe work environments that drive employee engagement, productivity, and well-being.

Cutting-Edge Research

Cultural Psychology

Our approach is grounded in the latest research from cultural psychology, which explores how cultural contexts shape mental health experiences, coping strategies, and help-seeking behaviors.

Organisational Behavior

We leverage insights from organizational behavior studies to understand the dynamics of workplace culture, team interactions, and the impact of diversity on employee well-being and performance.

AI and Mental Health

Our team stays at the forefront of research on the ethical and effective integration of AI in mental health care, ensuring that our solutions are evidence-based and deliver optimal outcomes.

Empowering Inclusive Workplaces

Cultural Consciousness Training

Our comprehensive cultural awareness training programs equip leaders and employees with the knowledge and skills to navigate cultural differences, foster empathy, and build inclusive work environments.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Drawing from our expertise in cultural psychology and organizational behaviour, we develop tailored diversity and inclusion strategies that promote equity, belonging, and psychological safety for all employees.

Mental Health Support

We provide accessible mental health support services, including counselling, workshops, and AI-assisted tools, to help employees manage stress, build resilience, and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Our Culturally Conscious Therapy

Diverse Backgrounds

We cater to a wide range of cultural backgrounds, ensuring that we can connect with and understand the unique experiences and perspectives of our clients.

Empathetic Approach

We are dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental space where clients can openly explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of misunderstanding or discrimination.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe in empowering our clients to take an active role in their healing journey. Our therapists work collaboratively with clients to develop personalized treatment plans and strategies that align with their cultural values and beliefs.

AI-Powered Mental Health Solutions

Personalised Insights

Our AI technology analyses data from your therapy sessions, mood tracking, and other inputs to provide personalized insights and recommendations tailored to your unique needs and cultural background.

AI-Assisted Therapy

We integrate AI into our therapy sessions, providing real-time analysis and feedback to our therapists, enabling them to deliver more effective, culturally sensitive interventions.

Data-Driven Outcomes

Our AI algorithms continuously learn and adapt, helping us refine our approaches and ensure that our solutions are delivering measurable, data-driven outcomes for our clients.

Privacy and Security

We prioritise the privacy and security of our clients' data, implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information and ensure that our AI solutions operate within ethical and regulatory boundaries.

Proven Impact: How Our Clients Succeed

Global Tech


Challenge: Lack of diversity and inclusion, leading to high turnover and low engagement among underrepresented groups.



Challenge: Difficulty providing culturally sensitive mental health services to a diverse patient population.

Non-Profit Organisation

Challenge: Struggling to build a cohesive and inclusive team culture due to diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The Bempong Talking Therapy Approach




Our foundational pillar is cultural consciousness. We deeply understand how cultural backgrounds shape mental health experiences, coping strategies, and help-seeking behaviors.


Evidence-Based Practices

Our approach is grounded in the latest research from cultural psychology, organizational behaviour, and mental health studies, ensuring that our solutions are evidence-based and effective.




We leverage the power of AI to provide personalized insights, enhance therapeutic outcomes, and continuously refine our approaches based on data-driven insights.




Our commitment to inclusivity means creating safe, judgment-free spaces where individuals from all walks of life feel seen, heard, and supported on their journeys to mental wellness.

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