Mission and Vision


Empowering Black people and other cultural minorities with cultural consciousness and lived experience for a healthier, happier you.


To create a world where cultural consciousness is at the heart of mental well-being, where every individual feels seen, heard, and supported in their unique journey towards happiness and fulfillment.

Jarell Bempong

Psychotherapist, Counsellor & Transformational Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Welcome to the forefront of the mental health reform movement. Meet Jarell, a passionate advocate for racial inclusion and parity, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

As a black, gay, and neurodivergent individual, he draws upon his experiences navigating mental health challenges within a world that often favors white, heteronormative, and neurotypical identities as the norm. This fuels his unwavering determination to confront societal racism and address cultural misunderstandings head-on. His ultimate goal is to empower those who have felt mistreated and provide them with the necessary tools for personal growth and resilience.

Based in London, Jarell operates internationally as a speaker, trainer, and therapist, bringing a unique blend of expertise. With an extensive mental health and psychology education, including diplomas in various therapeutic approaches, Jarell is well-equipped to make a profound impact.

Jarell delivers insightful training sessions encouraging open discussions on mental health, diversity, equality, inclusion, and intersectionality within the workplace. He empowers individuals and teams to break down barriers and redefine societal norms by challenging the status quo and promoting positive change.

Through interactive workshops, Jarell provides valuable tools and knowledge infused with fun and playfulness to inspire participants to embrace diversity and promote inclusivity. Collaborating with Jarell signifies a commitment to social justice and a positive, inclusive workplace culture.

Jarell envisions a world where individuals of all backgrounds can thrive, breaking down barriers and promoting equity and inclusivity in mental health care. Join Jarell in fostering personal growth and a sense of belonging for all. Together, let’s prioritize the mental well-being of everyone.

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