Discover "White Talking Therapy Can't Think in Black! - A Journey through Systemic Biases towards Inclusion and Mental health Empowerment.”

By Jarell Bempong - Award-Nominated Author, Therapist, and Cultural Innovator

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary insights of Jarell Bempong’s best-selling book, an essential read for those seeking to navigate and dismantle systemic biases in mental health. This book not only explores the depths of cultural consciousness but also serves as a guide towards genuine empowerment and inclusivity.

Awards & Recognition:

Proudly standing as a triple nominee at the LCCI SME Awards 2024, Jarell's contributions to mental health, DEEI, and cultural consciousness are widely acclaimed, underscoring the impact of his work across various sectors.

What This Book Offers:

Whether you're a mental health professional, corporate leader, or someone seeking a deeper understanding of inclusive mental well-being, this book is your gateway to transformative knowledge and practices.

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