Welcome to "Culturally Conscious Thoughts," your weekly inspiration, reflection, and empowerment source. At Bempong Talking Therapy, we're dedicated to fostering understanding and promoting change in mental health. Our blog is a space where we delve into the themes explored in our book "White Talking Therapy Can’t Think in Black," offering valuable insights, practical tips, and thought-provoking discussions.

Empowerment and Healing: A Black Therapist’s Revolution in Mental Health
Being a Black man and entering the field of therapy was a significant step for me. Let's go back to my very first session

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Opening Up the Conversation: The Impact of Homophobia, Racism, and Mental Health on the Black Community in Africa and the West
Good day! Did you know that multiple LGBTQ+ identities and cultures have existed in Africa for centuries?
How to Use Mind Games of White Supremacy to Teach Abrahamic Religions
The Mind Games of White Supremacy: Abrahamic Religions, Black Mental Slavery, and the Erasure of Cultural Identity
Unleashing the Power of Melanin: A Guide to Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
When I was younger, I didn't give race any thought. However, everything changed when my family
Break Barriers to Social Progress: A Practical Guide to Socializing Racism
Hello there, wonderful readers! Let's discuss two very essential topics: appreciating other cultures and combating bigotry.
How Can Cultural Consciousness Improve Mental Health for Black Employees?
Many individuals from African backgrounds often find solace and a sense of belonging within tightly-knit communities.
How to Overcome Cultural Marginalization Through Social Connecting Through Culture Consciousness
I have personally experienced the negative effects of dealing with numerous layers of problems
Strategies for Achieving Inclusive Leadership and Mental Health Leadership
Inclusive leadership refers to the practice of leading with cultural consciousness and promoting diversity,
Applying Social Media as a Tool to Overlook Bias and Maintain Mental Health
Hello there, fantastic person! Have you ever heard of unconscious bias? It's like those sly ideas we have
How the cost of neglecting Mental Health Can Affect Your Business
Mental health is a serious problem for people, families, and organizations in the UK and Europe.

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